Camp Logos – A Great Investment

I just spent the last 2 days hosting Camp Logos at Wake Cross Roads. Camp Logos is taught by Morris Proctor of Morris Proctor Seminars. Morris is the only certified trainer for the Logos Bible Software program, a program which I have owned and used for the past several years. Here are a few of my overall thoughts.

First, Morris and his crew (Cindy and David) were fantastic. They were well-prepared, organized and professional. More importantly, they were super-friendly and simply a joy to work with. They were available to answer questions for seminar attendees throughout the entire seminar – before and after each day’s session, as well as during breaks and lunch. Morris, a seminary-trained former pastor, has been training people to use the Logos Bible Software for almost 14 years. He is not just a theoretician, but also a practitioner. He teaches the sessions with an obvious passion for seeing the participants become better Bible students and  better Bible-proclaimers – whether a lay person, Bible-study teacher or pastor.

Second, the seminar itself was excellent. Whether you are totally new to Logos or a seasoned user, this seminar will greatly benefit you. No prior knowledge of Logos is assumed. The seminar begins with understanding and setting up the Logos 4 home page. After that introduction, the basic functionality of Logos is covered, dealing with the most often used features – Library organization; People/Places/Things searches;  Bible Word Study tools;  etc. Morris teaches the long way to accomplish these features, as well as quicker ways to do them, including using short-cut buttons/key strokes, etc. Morris is clearly an educator, patiently instructing the attendees, interacting with participant questions, and repeating key instructions to ensure the new concepts “stick” in participants’ minds.

Third, the Logos Bible Software program is mind-blowing. I have described my previous use of the software as having a Ferrari in my garage, using it to drive to the end of my driveway to get the mail out of my mailbox, and then driving back into the garage. Though I had been getting some minimal, but helpful, functionality out of the software, I had not begun to scratch the surface of what this incredible tool will do. I learned enough in the first two hours of the seminar to make it worth the cost. The remainder of the two-day seminar helped me get exponentially more use out of the software. Though there is still a tremendous number of features I don’t know how to use – at least fully – I can still study much more efficiently. I look forward to continuing to grow in my understanding and use of this powerful tool – both for personal Bible study and for preaching at our church.

So, if you don’t have the Logos Bible Software program, get it. Whether you are a pastor, a Bible-study teacher, or just a person who would like to study the Scripture more effectively, the Logos Bible Software program will be a great resource. After purchasing the software, go to Morris’ website, look for the  Camp Logos schedule and sign up for a seminar. You will not only enjoy the training Morris will provide, but you will also become better prepared to get the most out of this incredible tool. If you are going to invest the money in the software, be a good steward of that investment and let Morris teach you how to use. it. You will not be disappointed!

(Disclaimer – I did NOT get paid by Logos or MPSeminars for writing this post. I am simply a satisfied customer, trying to get the word out about Logos and MPSeminars. )

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