Christian Book Reviews

Living with a Pastor’s Heart and a Scholar’s Mind

June 28, 2012

I have spent quite a bit of time both in local church ministry and in the theological academy. In both settings I have been a participant and an observer. What I have noticed is that there tend to be extremes in both settings – specifically with regard to leadership – in terms of being scholarly […]

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

June 14, 2012

If “Kansas” is a former time in our country where a Judeo-Christian understanding and ethic were largely understood and accepted, we are certainly not there anymore. That being the case, it is incumbent upon Christians to understand today’s current cultural situation and to know how to live within, and respond to, that current situation in a […]

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How Will It All End and Why Should We Care?

April 27, 2012

The Bible talks about many things that will take place in the “end times.” However, a multitude of questions remain about the how, when and why of many of these things/people/events. In 40 Questions About the End Times, Eckhard Schnabel (PhD, University of Aberdeen – Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) addresses 40 […]

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Living Close to God – A Review

March 2, 2012

Some people seem to be naturally spiritually bent. They not only love God passionately but also find times of prayer, Bible-reading and communion with God as natural as eating or breathing. For others, this is certainly not the case. They find quiet times to be laborious, with their mind wandering and their heart lacking some […]

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Playing Hurt – A Call to be a Gospel-Centered Husband

October 10, 2011

Playing Hurt by author Brian Goins (Kregel, 2011) is, hands down, the best book of its kind that I have read. It is thoroughly biblical, Gospel-centered, and written from such a manly perspective you can almost smell the sweaty socks laying in the corner and see the underwear laying in the floor that didn’t get […]

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A Biblical-Gospel that will “Tilt” the World

October 4, 2011

In many cases, the world today seems to mock Christianity, rather than marvel at it. Further, of all the ways to describe today’s Christian-impact on the world, few would likely describe it as “turning the world upside down.” Yet, as blogger/author Dan Phillips points out in his new book The World-Tilting Gospel (Kregel, 2011), that […]

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A Theological Look at our Technological World

September 28, 2011

Does the Bible have anything to say about modern technology? According to author John Dyer, in his new book From the Garden to the City, more than you can imagine! As Christians, we must evaluate every aspect of our lives in light of God’s Word, the Bible. We often think about this with regard to pressing […]

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Love, Sex and Happily Ever After – Realistic? Definitely!

September 8, 2011

Do you want a great, exciting, God-honoring marriage? Of course you do. The question is whether or not such a goal is actually attainable. In a day where divorce rates are almost the same for Christians and non-Christians, and where “hum-drum,” rather than “heavenly,” seems to describe many existing marriages, there seems to be little […]

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Christian Hedonism – Pursuing Our Joy by Seeking God’s Glory

August 22, 2011

Everyone desires a full and joyful life, right? In Desiring God, John Piper encourages this pursuit through hedonism; Christian hedonism, that is. Even the thought of this – Christian hedonism – is hard to reconcile at first glance. The term “hedonism” broadly refers to the pursuit of pleasure. The term “Christian” means “like Christ” – […]

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Do People See Jesus When They Look At Us? A Review of “Branded”

July 13, 2011

Tim Sinclair believes Christians have a problem. With an introduction sub-title like “pretending or living?” it is not hard to see where he is going. Following up with the quote, “It’s weird. I’m a Christian, and even I don’t like us very much,” removes all doubt. Sinclair says “many Christians have an ‘-ing’ problem. We’re […]

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