Having Faith Like a Child

I shared in an earlier post about some of the challenges we have been facing with Abbie’s health. Though this situation has certainly been tough, it has given all of us an opportunity to learn some important lessons about walking by faith. It has also given us opportunities to walk that faith out in front of others. Abbie had such an opportunity just last week at school.

Though she had been wearing her bandanas to school, she decided to wear her wig on Thursday. By lunch time, her wig was beginning to get hot and itchy on her head. So, she asked her teacher if she could share about her situation with her classmates after lunch. Her teacher agreed. After they got back to the classroom, she stood before her class and explained that her hair has been breaking off, leaving her with really short hair. She encouraged them by telling them that nothing she has is contagious and that they are not at risk by being around her. As she was sharing this, one of the children asked her what her hair looked like. She simply responded, “see for yourself,” taking off her wig in front of the class. She then proceeded to walk around the class, allowing the children to feel her hair, if they wanted to. The children responded so well to this and have been very accepting of her situation.

We are tremendously thankful for Abbie’s teacher who has gone to great lengths to help Abbie and the class adjust during this time. I am more thankful for a 10-year old daughter, however, who is willing to allow God to be big and her circumstances to be small in the midst of this time of difficulty and uncertainty. I am seeing even more what Jesus meant when He said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 18:3). He is not saying that the Gospel is just a message for children. Children, however, are much more prone to recognize their own inadequacies and dependency than we are as adults. The Gospel calls on each of us to recognize our own complete inadequacy and to depend totally on Christ and His finished work for our salvation, from beginning to end (justification to glorification). This includes walking with Him, by faith, from day to day.

I am thankful for Christ’s sufficiency for my daughter as she goes through this difficult time in her life. I am thankful that her trust is in Him. I am thankful for the ways God is using her to show His glory to those who are watching, both children and adults. I am thankful for people within the Body of Christ who have spoken encouraging words to her about the faith they see in her and the lessons God is teaching them as they observe her life and her trust in Him.

May we walk in faith as little children, recognizing our own weakness and dependency, and trust in Christ’s sufficiency, goodness and strength so that our lives will bring Him glory. As we do, may He use our lives to call others to trust Him as well.

2 thoughts on “Having Faith Like a Child

  1. She is such an amazing young woman! She may be a child of 10 years but she is walking through this with the grace, strength, faith and dependence of a much older person and that is why Abbie Mann is an amazing “woman” in my eyes! Love you guys and pray for you all so often!

  2. I completely agree with the above comment. Abbie is exhibiting both the faith of a child and the maturity of a godly young woman. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely praying as your family continues to walk through this.

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