Making Disciples in the Local Church – A Discipleship Process

We know Christ has clearly commanded us to “make disciples.” The question then comes, how can a local church best equip her members for living as Christ-followers themselves and for making disciples of others as well? There are lots of ways to get at this, with the two most popular programmatic approaches being Sunday School and Small Groups. A recent LifeWay Christian Resources post on Facebook asking “Which is better: Sunday School or Small Groups?” drew pretty strong opinions from both sides.

The purpose of this video is not to give the final answer on this issue. The goal is simply to lay out for you the way we, at Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church, are seeking to live in obedience to the Great Commission by making disciples here in our own context. I do not say anything about our efforts toward global disciple-making. That will have to be saved for another day. This video explains our discipleship process, seeking to move people from: 1) simply participating in a corporate worship service, to 2) one of our Adult Bible Study classes, to 3) one of our Intentional Disciple-Making Groups (IDGs), to 4) personal discipleship with 3-4 other Christ-followers.

Obviously, our goal is not simply to have people participating in all of our church’s education programs. Our goal is to use these various programs as tools in order to equip people to live their lives every day as followers of Christ who are both living as disciples and making disciples of others, all driven by a passion for God’s glory to be shown in them and through them. That is why, at Wake Cross Roads, we say we exist to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.

(Feel free to share below how you are seeking to live as a disciple-making follower of Christ, or how your church’s discipleship process is similar to or different from ours.)

One thought on “Making Disciples in the Local Church – A Discipleship Process”

  1. As part of an intentional disciple group, it is amazing to be with God’s people discussion His word. To be able to come together and discuss the message proclaimed from the sermon earlier in the day and how we are to live in obidience to God’s command is such a blessing.

    I am working to live out God’s command by begining an endurance ministry called The Second Wind. This is a ministry to reach walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes to help the not only grow strong physically, but also spiritually as they walk in obidience to God’s word.

    Thank you Randy for your faithful service to WCRBC and the community.

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