My Most Encouraging Post-Sermon Comment – Ever!

Last Sunday, I received the most encouraging sermon comment I have ever received. It came from a 5 year old body (who I later found out was attending his first corporate worship service). He came up to me with his mom and said, “I really like what you said in your sermon today.” I asked, “Was there something special, or did you just like it in general?” He stopped for a minute and replied, “You made me think about Jesus.” Wow!
I told him, “Buddy, I would be thrilled if, every Sunday, as people leave, they simply said (and truly meant it), “today, you made me think about Jesus.”
When you come to church on Sunday, do you come with the prepared heart of a worshipper, coming ready to worship God and praise Him for for who He is, and asking Him, by His Spirit and according to His Word, to make you look more like Jesus? Or, do you come with the heart of a consumer – waiting to see if the music is to your preference, the sermon is delivered in a certain way, and if you will “get something out of it?”
If you come as a prepared worshipper, you will likely leave full, having heard from God through His Word, and having “thought about Jesus.” If you come as a consumer, you will likely leave as empty and unprepared as you came.
May God give us all the heart of a vibrant, prepared worshipper who worships Him with all of life all week long, then gathers with the Body on Sunday to continue our worship together! In so doing, may He not only make us think more about Jesus, but look like Him as well. And, when others see the difference, may we be ready to tell them the reason for the hope within us – all for His glory!

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