Responding to the Call to Make Disciples of all Nations

Do you believe international missions is only for missionaries and pastors, but not for you? Nothing could be further from the truth. In this video Рshot on the banks of the Danube River in Turnu-Severin, Romania РI share a challenge to consider allowing God to use your life in taking the gospel to the nations. This trip to Romania was the first mission trip for my friend Brett Ciancanelli. You can read more about our experience in this previous post, or see him share a brief video message about the trip on his ministry website or on YouTube.

Inside the Dome of an Orthodox Church in Turnu-Severin, Romania

The chief reason for participation in global missions is to bring glory to God as we love, obey and serve Him in His mission of making His name famous to the ends of the earth. There are many other reasons as well – the need of people to hear the Gospel, fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, and expanding your view of the world (i.e. experiencing first-hand the poverty most people live in every day; understanding our cultural preferences/biases; etc.). Even seeing many of the various tourist attractions or other sights in foreign countries will give you opportunities for sharing Christ with people when you return home as you share with them about your trip and experiences. So, going to the nations can help you live more effectively as a Christ-follower where you live every day.

As a follower of Christ, you are hopefully already seeking to live as salt and light, sharing Christ in your own community. The question is, will you allow God to use your life for His glory by participating in His global mission of taking the message of Christ to all nations? The commission has already been given. Will you obey His call?

(If you have questions about how you can be involved in global missions, feel free to email me or simply comment below. I would be glad to help you discover ways you can be personally involved in international missions.)

Remaining pillar from Roman Emperor Trajan's Bridge - built over 2000 years ago

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