Why Do You Pray?

A good friend of mine once wrote, “One of the greatest acts of pride in the life of a Christian is prayerlessness.” The point he was making is that when we fail to pray, it is as if we are saying to God, “I don’t need you. I can handle the things in my life on my own.” My greater concern, however, is what our prayer life says about our relationship with God.

While prayer is certainly our way of bringing our requests and concerns to God – even declaring our dependence upon Him – it is, perhaps more importantly, our opportunity to have intimate, personal communication with our heavenly Father. When God saved us, He reconciled us to a right relationship with Himself and made us His children. As a father, I cannot imagine how it would grieve my heart if my children only communicated with me when they wanted or needed something. How it must grieve God’s heart when we only call out to Him for what we want, rather than for who He is and based upon our relationship with Him.

May our commitment to prayer be driven by our love for and commitment to the God who first loved us! May we pray because we desire to grow in our relationship with Him, not simply because we want Him to give us what we want. May we pray until He makes our heart beat with His heartbeat. May our passion for prayer be driven by our relationship with the Almighty God, whose Spirit leads us to call Him Father.

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